Mission and goals


The mission of the ITA is to advance the professional development of its members, and the theory and practice of translation, interpreting and editing inIsrael, so that clients can benefit from professional, accurate and reliable translations.


The ITA seeks to become the leading representative of the community of translators, interpreters and editors inIsrael.


To accomplish its vision and mission, the ITA has set several internal and external goals.

Internal Goals

  • To enable the ongoing professional development of its members through lectures, workshops, conferences and other events
  • To provide opportunities for informal networking and cooperation and to create a sense of community for members of the profession
  • To encourage best business practices between ITA members and their clients
  • To help its fully or partially self-employed members to develop appropriate business skills
  • To expand services to its members, including membership in LAHAV, legal support, membership in relevant consumer clubs, and more
  • To develop a system of recognition and certification for translators, interpreters and editors to better the profession
  • To increase its membership and to include more people involved from sectors that are still not broadly represented in our membership (for example, editors and subtitlers)

External Goals

  • To promote recognition of translation, interpreting and editing (as a group of related professions) in the eyes of the public andIsrael’s institutions
  • To champion the cultural importance of translation and editing as a means of safeguarding the Hebrew language
  • To advocate the importance of high-quality translation in the Israeli community – within the court system, in order to ensure proper protection of civil and human rights; within the health care system, where language barriers can mean life or death and wherever else it is needed
  • To promote awareness of the ITA and its value as a source of reliable professionals in an unstructured market
  • To strengthen ties with sister associations around the world