Code of Ethics

ITA – Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices

I. As a translator, interpreter and/or editor, a bridge for ideas from one language to another and one culture to another, I commit myself to high standards of performance, ethical behavior, and business practices.

1. I will endeavor to translate and/or interpret the original message faithfully. I recognize that ideally such a level of excellence requires:

a. mastery of the target language, at a level equivalent to that of an educated native speaker;

b. up to date knowledge of the topic and relevant terminology in both source and target languages;

c. access to information resources and auxiliary tools and familiarity with appropriate professional tools;

d. ongoing efforts to improve, broaden and strengthen my skills and knowledge. 

2. I will be truthful about my qualifications and abilities and will not accept any assignments for which I am not properly qualified or which it is unlikely that I will be able to complete in a professional manner within the given time frame.

3. I recognize the importance of a clear understanding with the client, and the desirability of setting out the terms of collaboration in writing. I will adhere to the terms as agreed.

4. I will inform my clients of any difficulties I am unable to resolve, and we will decide together how to proceed.

5. I will safeguard the interests of my clients as my own and divulge no obviously confidential information, and am aware that clients may condition my work on the signing of an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). 

6. I will respect and refrain from interfering with any business relationship between my client and my client’s client. 

7. I will use a client as a reference only if I can provide the name of someone who can testify to the general quality of my work, and if said client has granted his/her consent to be used as reference.

II. As an employer or contractor of translators, interpreters and/or editors, I will uphold the above standards in my business. I further commit myself to the following practices with translators, interpreters and editors:

1. I will endeavor to have a clear understanding with translators, interpreters and editors, and I recognize the desirability of putting matters down in writing and stating my expectations prior to work.

2. I will adhere to agreed terms and payment schedules, and will not change job descriptions after work has begun unless by common written consent.

3. I will deal directly with the translator or interpreter to try to solve any dispute. I will not arbitrarily cancel the agreement or withhold payment without good cause. Time constraints permitting, I will give the translator fair opportunity to correct any proven fault in the work submitted.

4. I will not use other translators’ or interpreters’ credentials and/or work samples in bidding or promoting my business without their consent or without the bona fide intention to use their services.