Annual Conference


On February 24-25, 2020, the ITA will hold its annual conference at the Zionist Organization of America House in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Hashtag for the conference: #itaconf2020

Schedule :


Monday Feb. 24


Tuesday Feb. 25


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Among the speakers:

Assaf Gavron – Author, translator and musician

Ronit Ophir – Singer, artist, focusing on Hebrew culture

Stephen Rifkind– A translator specializing in finance and legal translation, says of himself:

“I have the privilege and curse of being able to live in three different countries without belonging 100% to any of them.”

Yael Sela – Former translator and lecturer, currently Hebrew Language Manager at Google, and does jigsaw puzzles of New Yorker covers.

Nathalie Haddad – Managing Director of Transtitles

Shirley Finzi Loew – Translates Literature from Italian and English to Hebrew, and lectures on Italian literature

Yael Cahane-Shadmi – Hebrew to English translator specializing in marketing, economics and life style. Lectures on commercial translation in Beit Berl. Likes trivia nights and escape rooms.
Inbal Sagiv-Nakdimon – English to Hebrew translator, also lectures on historical outfits under the title of “What to wear for time travel?”
Furthermore, the conference will include a session of the Israel Union of Literary Professionals

Refreshments and Lunch

Refreshments will be served during the morning gathering and also on refreshment breaks between sessions. In addition, sandwiches will be served for lunch during the lunch break. Participants who prefer something other than sandwiches for lunch are advised to plan ahead and make reservations in one of the restaurants near the venue.


Most of the conference activity will take place on the 2nd floor of the venue. The hall for the plenary session is accessible for the audience (not for all speakers).  Part of one row has been replaced with space for a couple of wheelchairs. The plenary session and one other lecture room  are on the 2nd floor.  One additional room is on the 1st floor. Refreshment breaks will also be on the 2nd floor. They have an elevator. Near the entrance to the building there’s a spot with a small ramp from the road to the sidewalk. The 2nd floor lobby appears to have more seats than they had a couple of years back, and we requested more chairs for the conference dates.











See you there!
The ITA Committeee


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