About the ITA

Translator, interpreter or editor? Want to be a translator? Irrespective of your language combination the ITA is your home. The Israel Translators Association (ITA) is the country’s only professional organization bringing together translation and other language professionals.

ITA members are proud to belong to an active organization that promotes professional standards. A large amount of translation work flows between translators, and it is only by being active within the organization – at meetings and online – that members are on the map. Work flows to those who are known and make themselves known.

The site, currently in Hebrew and English, offers information for translators, access to our searchable database of translators and a wealth of articles and presentations on translation and related issues. You will also find how to contact the ITA and how to join (special rates for both students and retirees).

ITA members wear their membership with pride – in the great tradition of professional guilds. If you take pride in your work as a translator you are (or will want to be) a member. If you want to impact on the profession, nothing is simpler; become active in the ITA, where initiative and new developments are always welcome!