Recognition and Accreditation



The ITA is proud to launch the first phase of its certification process – the status of recognized translator/interpreter/editor. This status may be obtained by ITA members only who are eligible according to their work experience and education.

 Why bother with a Certificate of Recognition?

Good question! After all, if you have regular clients they obviously believe you know what you are doing.

But think about this:

  • Recognition demonstrates our knowledge and experience to new clients.
  • Recognition allows us to explain why we are not the cheapest offer the clients can get and why they definitely shouldn’t take the cheapest offer.
  • Recognition allows us to show our not very savvy customers that not everyone who “knows two languages” or even claims to be a translator is one.

Once the ITA has added another 100 or translators to the list of Recognition Certificate holders, we will begin marketing the notion of superior translators, particularly to the corporate world, and will also begin preparing Phase Two – Accreditation testing that is also recognized by our sister organizations around the world.

Don’t get left behind! Look at the requirements and if you meet them – apply now!

To download the Recognition Application form, click here.