The Association has a number of different committees including a number of sub-committees that may be formed from time to time to deal with specific issues, for example Targima and accreditation.

The General Meeting of the Association is the ruling body and is convened once a year by the Executive Committee or at the request of 10% the membership. The General Meeting decides the policy and the work methods and its decisions are made on the basis of a simple majority. The General Meeting elects the nine members of the executive committee, and a three-member audit committee.

The Executive Committee manages the association’s affairs, has a one-year tenure and elects its own Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. The committee’s decisions are made on the basis of a simple majority. The committee has the power to appoint sub-committees including one to supervise the nominations of committee members for the following year. The executive committee sets its own work methods and represents the Association and finances its operations.

The Audit Committee is the Association’s controlling body. It audits the Association’s economic and financial affairs and its accounts and may make recommendations to the General Meeting.


Executive Committee Members 2018-2019:

Uri Bruck – chair

Eliram Braudo – deputy chair , monthly event coordinator

Tali Lahav – treasurer

 Arie Gus – Secretary

 Ada Lewsinky




Audit Committee Members 2018-2019

Michel Norman

Alan Clayman

Sarita Kraus

In addition, there are a number of ITA members who have an important role to play, but are not on the ITA committee:

Micaela Ziv – Recognition and Certification Coordinator

Eliezer Nowodworski – ITA representative at Lahav