The Israel Union of Literary Professionals: all hands on deck

Tuesday, Feb. 25 10:45-12:45


Desert islands or professional solidarity: why disadvantaged freelancers should unite 10m (H)

Yinon Kachtan has been a book editor and proof reader since 2008. Lexicographer, chief editor of the Sapir Hebrew Dictionary. Board member in The Israel Union of Literary Professionals.


Mapping Israel’s book market players onto Game of Thrones’ finest 10m (H)

A freelance translator since 1999, Yaniv Farkas joined the board of The Israel Union of Literary Professionals in 2019.


Adventure in Publistan Prairie: Ten years in the life of a small publisher in Israel’s book market 10m (H)

Asaf Bareket is the owner and editor in chief at Ocean Publishing House and the “Adventure” series of world classic novels.


Let’s work together: how should publishers fit in within the framework of the Israel Union of Literary Professionals? 10m (H)

Dr. Hamutal Ben Dov is a biologist, a technical and academic translator, a board game translator and a co-manager of Bear In Mind publishing.


Break 10m


Translators and editors: beyond the paradigmatic assembly line.  20m (H)

Veteran editor Rachel Halevy and Yaniv Farkas have worked together on 7 books and are looking forward to working together on the next. Rachel Halevy is an experienced editor. She was partner and chief editor at Aryeh Nir Publishers, and headed the editing track at Beit Berl college. She is a freelancer today, editing fiction and non-fiction written in Hebrew or translated from German.


Reporting to work: Israel’s literary translators by the numbers. 10m (H)

Hamutal Yellin is a literary translator and editor, a lecturer and a board member in The Israel Union of Literary Professionals.


Measure for Measure: weighing pluses and minuses in measurement conversion. 10m (H)

Inbal Saggiv-Nakdimon is a translator and lecturer.


30 translation hacks for both old hands and new. 10m(H)

Yaniv Farkas


Question Time