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  • Annual General Meeting and Second Annual Debate

Annual General Meeting and Second Annual Debate

by ITA chair | June 16th, 2020


We are pleased to announce that the forthcoming Israel Translators Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place.

When: Sunday, June 28, 2020, at 17:00 20:00 hrs.

Please note:

Due to the special circumstances of these days, this event will be conducted as a video conference via the Zoom application.

This event will be conducted also via the ITA Facebook page.

See below details for this.


  1. Note that the broadcast via Facebook is liable to incur some delays, and as opposed to Zoom, in Facebook you can only send written comments.
  2. The various votings in this event will be conducted via the Chat option on each platform.
  3. The general meeting will be conducted online in accordance with the requirements of the registrar of associations.

This event will be in two parts.

The Second Annual Debate!

We are continuing with a new tradition, in lieu of the customary opening lecture.

"I'm sorry - the content of the proposed project is opposed to my conscience, therefore I must decline" - arguments for and against

There will be a moderator a speaker in favor of the above proposal a speaker against it. We shall conduct a poll before and after the debate, in order to gauge changes in opinion following the discussion.

See examples of this in the following link:


The second part will be the AGM itself, which will be open only for those whose ITA membership is valid, and only they will receive the appropriate links for this part.

About the AGM

The items currently on the agenda are as follows:

  • Appointment of the AGM chair

  • ITA Chair’s report and Verbal Report

  • Presentation of 2019 accounts

  • Audit Committee report

  • Adoption of 2019 accounts and reports

  • Reappointment of Yitzhak Druzin as auditor for 2020

  • Discussion (including motions submitted by members)

  • Elections for the Executive Committee (Va'ad) and Audit Committee (Va'adat Bikoret)


17:00-17:10: Opening the AGM and adjournment until 18:30

17:10-18:10: Debate

18:30-20:00: AGM

This event will be conducted in Hebrew.


This event is free.

Registration for the Debate

Please send an email to the following address:


Just write in the subject line your full name (preferably in Hebrew) and note whether you are an ITA member or nonmember. That's all.

No need to write anything in body of email. The links to the meeting will be sent to the email address from which you registered.

Recommendation: (the following pertains to Outlook, similarly to any other email program)

Open "Options" at top of message, and check "Request a Delivery Receipt" and "Request a Read Receipt". Thus you will know that your application has been noted.

No prior registration for the AGM alone is required.

Regarding Zoom:

This can be freely downloaded from: https://zoom.us/support/download

It can be installed on a smartphone and on a computer. However, for conferencing with many participants a computer is more convenient.

Fill in the required fields – mainly full name and email address.

Shortly before the meeting you will receive by email a link for entering the conference. A certain identification number will also be provided, but generally there is no need to type it in. [You will also receive the appropriate guidance for participation via Facebook.]

At the bottom of the Zoom screen there are camera and microphone icons – click these for activating them.

Via the chat icon you may forward questions during the lecture, and the conference manager will pass them on to the lecturer who will address them later.

Waiting to see you there, and hoping that things will return to normal as soon as possible

The ITA Committee

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