Why you should join

Whether you are a translator, interpreter or editor, whether you work full-time or part-time, in-house or from home, or if you just have an academic interest in the field, we invite you to either create or renew your annual membership.

Amongst the advantages of membership in the ITA are:

  • Professionalism: ITA membership and your profile on the website of your professional organization brand you as freelancers and professionals. By adding the ITA member logo to your e-mails, you are visibly demonstrating to your clients that you are a serious professional. You benefit from prestige that can bring you new customers. Your membership enhances your status from average service provider to expert with added value, and you can leverage your membership to differentiate the services you offer and market yourself effectively
  • Prestige: ITA members elevate the status of the profession in Israel and help it gain the recognition it deserves. The ITA offers members the opportunity to earn recognition – a powerful tool that allows them to stand out in the crowd and demonstrate that they have the credentials to succeed. The Israel Translators Association is currently the ONLY organization in Israel that provides professional recognition of any kind for translators.
  • Networking: One of the best ways to grow your business is through networking. ITA membership provides you with ample opportunities to meet colleagues, come out from behind the computer and enjoy lectures and presentations that drive your professional growth. Long-term friendships with colleagues who share your passion for language can also enlarge your social and professional network. What’s more, your colleagues are an outstanding source for referrals and can also send work your way when they are overloaded. Some say that up to 30% of work in the translation industry comes through direct and indirect referrals from colleagues.
  • Concrete benefits: ITA members benefit from special discounts on monthly meetings, the annual conference and from a unique mentorship program offered to new translators. As members, you will receive notices of job opportunities sent to the ITA, and potential clients will also be able to find you on the ITA website. What’s more, discussions on the ITA list and ITA Facebook page will enrich you with professional advice and tips that are relevant to you as translators.
  • Community: Translation can be a lonely profession. As ITA members, you can benefit from a real community of people who support each other, give each other a place to vent, get valuable advice on how to run their business and help with translation challenges they encounter in their work. You will also have a wonderful opportunity to give back to your community by sharing your professional insights and experience. So joins the hundreds of ITA members who share the same challenges and frustrations, gain from their insights and benefit