Monday Morning – General 1

History of Translation Technology from Biblical Times to the Present

A review of how translators worked and what technology was employed, from biblical times to the 21st century. Through the ages, technology has changed and impacted on translation work. Changes are not easy and is accompanied by resistance to change. Also, no matter how technology changes, gross errors continually crop up, whether on purpose, by distraction or ignorance. The translator still remains at the focal point!

Moshe Devere

Despite my accent, my first language was Hebrew!

Although I always translated & interpreted from an early age, my first professional translating was with German machine manuals to maintain German machines and equipment in the kibbutz furniture factory. Translating became just another skill set. As a production manager I was very keen on improving productivity using new technology and training employees to work smarter and easier. So, applying technology to make translating easier was a natural approach for me.



The Writing is on the Wall - How hieroglyphics were lost and then found

Adele Shapiro

Adele Shapiro has been employed for the last decade by a travel company that specializes specifically in tours to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and has been visiting such sites as part of her research for this job.