ITA 2020 Conference – Monday – Feb. 24



08:30-09:00 Gathering
09:00-09:30 Opening and Greetings

Let the Animals Live – on Golani Soldiers and the Craft of Translation 
Assaf Gavron

11:00-11:30 Break

History of Translation Technology from Biblical Times to the Present
Moshe Devere(E) - 40 m

The Writing is on the Wall - How hieroglyphics were lost and then found - Adele B Shapiro (E)- 40 m


A Survey of the Uniqueness and the Challenges in Translating for Subtitles – AVT   (H) – 40 m
Nathalie Haddad - Managing Director of Transtitles

Sounds Easy: Translating Texts that are designed to be heard  (E)40 m
 Yael Valier



Freelance Translation in 2020-a call for gripes, challenges and solutions. A discussion group/meeting - (E) - 60 m
Louis Mitler



12:50-14:00 Lunch Break

Ten Useful Tips for the Beginner Freelancer (H)  40 m
Mickey Argaman (TargumTec)

Twenty Common Errors in Notarized Translations (H)  40 m
Moshe Alfassi

Advanced financial terminology (E) 20 m
Alan Clayman



A Language Apart: The Challenges of Israelis Scholars with non-Native English in Academic Publishing and How We Can Help  (E)- 40 m
Avi Staiman 

Conflicting Values (H)  20 m
Yael Cahane-Shadmi

The Process of Publishing an Academic Book (H)   20 m
Ruth Ludlam

The State of Translation Studies in Israel (H) – Liath Noy


Integrating Innovative New Media and Digital Technology in the Business Marketing World (H) – Ilan Barak – Senior Executive Consultant V.I. Biz Business Club





Excess Words in Translation (H)– Haddar Perry - 10 m

ITA Recognition (H) – Micaela Ziv – 10 m

Translating the Language of the Subconscious in NLP (E) - Betti E Buck – 10 m